The Seed Truck

How do you sow the seeds of a better food system?

The Seed Truck was a three year outreach project of the Fife Diet. From April 2012, to March 2015, the Seed Truck set out across Scotland from its headquarters in Burntisland. The vision of the project was to sow the seeds of a better food system and by delivering a wide-ranging series of workshops on food sovereignty and climate change.

The Seed Truck was a joint project between the Fife Diet and WWF Scotland, with the day-to day running of the project by the Fife Diet. The project is supported by players of People’s Postcode Lottery  and also Awards For All Scotland.

Now that the Fife Diet as an organisation has officially closed, we are delighted that the The Seed Truck and its philosophies have formed the roots of new organisation Common Good Food, which was established by Fergus Walker (Seed Truck Co-ordinator), Eva Schonveld and Mags Hall.

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“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.” – Confucious.

We want our workshops to be:


Team-work,sense of community, pride in work


That communal work is a hugely important part of food production is being rediscovered. Our closest example is the crofting counties, where many hands make light work of seasonal activities such as peat cutting and sheep shearing

Storytelling, ceremony, performance, fun


Humans are ritual beings, so when marking off a significant event – planting a tree, sowing some seeds, harvesting – then a wee poem, music, dance or a speech doesn’t go amiss! In Scotland the tradition of the house cèilidh – an informal evening of story, song, music, discussion, music and dancing – is a hugely rich legacy. The cèilidh provides a cultural crossover space that interweaves the arts with political discussion, and nowhere is that interweaving more powerfully manifested than in storytelling – so in the work of sowing the seeds of a better food system, we have found the story to be invaluable.

Political activism

‘Political’ is meant in two senses: engaging with or challenging the national or international legal/political framework and in the sense of the original Greek politikos “of, for, or relating to citizens”. It’s really important to create and maintain links horizontally between like-minded organisations, producers and communities.


We try to find as many recycled materials as possible to use in building raised beds, potting up seedlings, and in the general day-to day running of the truck we use – where we can access it – recycled biodiesel from old chips. See more in the resources section.



Food sovereignty is a new and powerful concept that asserts the right of people to define their own food systems., and was first coined by Via Campesina

By running workshops, and facilitating the setting up of new gardens, the Seed Truck’s philosophies are in line with the ideas of food sovereignty:

  • all peoples, nations and states are able to determine their own food producing systems and policies that provide every one of us with good quality, adequate, affordable, healthy, and culturally appropriate food
  • we are able to conserve and rehabilitate rural environments, fish stocks, landscapes and food traditions based on ecologically sustainable management of land, soils, water, seas, seeds, livestock and other biodiversity;
  • where we share our lands and territories peacefully and fairly among our peoples, be we peasants, indigenous peoples, artisanal fishers, pastoralists, or others;
  • where peoples’ power to make decisions about their material, natural and spiritual heritage are defended
  • where all peoples have the right to defend their territories from the actions of transnational corporations

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