Earlier this year we published a New Food Manifesto. The manifesto is the culmination of five years action research in Fife and beyond, trying to get an understanding of how food can be part of restorative practice across health and well-being ecology and community.

The purpose of the manifesto is to try and help build a food culture in which communities can begin to take charge of creating a better food system. We propose ‘food sovereignty replacing ‘food security’ as the guiding principle of our policy, and explore the opportunities for collaborative gains between the agendas of community food and health, affordability and sustainability.

The works divided in to four themes: low carbon communities, culture & education, health & wellbeing and innovation & enterprise. We’ll be publishing the whole document at the end of the year but are gathering comments and feedback from people here. Please leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

The ideas were discussed in the Scottish Parliament in September 2012 (see transcript here) or view the debate here.

You can download, save and print the whole document here (available in scribd or issuu):

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