Recipe for Success: Reflections on Food and Drink Policy


It’s three years since the Scottish Government launched it’s Recipe for Success, our very first national food and drink policy.

As Fife Diet comes to the end of one period of work, we are producing some reflection on food policy in Scotland, what’s worked and what need’s improvement. We are asking for your input and ideas.  At the time Richard Lochhead MSP wrote:

“There is a strange Scottish paradox, despite producing fantastic food and drink we have one of the poorest diet-related health records in the developed world. A host of factors contributes to our poor diet. Whatever the reasons for our dietary habits, our culture must change if we are to prosper as a nation. We should be making our food choices in a more balanced way, taking account of food’s healthiness, quality, seasonality and freshness. And our choices should also take into account wider issues such as climate change, food security, affordability, biodiversity, animal welfare and fair trade (both at home and abroad).”

We’re focusing on three questions (for the full questionnaire download the document below and return it to us at:

1. In your opinion what have been the key successes of the Recipe for Success food and drink policy since 2009?

2. In your opinion what are the key problem areas the policy has not made sufficient achievements in tackling?

3. What ideas do you have to boost and strengthen Scottish food and drink policy in the coming years?

In each question there are six areas to consider, based on the original policy structure: Healthier Sustainable Choices, Scotland’s food and drink Reputation, Sustainable Food Procurement, Secure and Resilient Food Systems, Ensuring Food is Available and Affordable to all, and Food Education.

You can download our word document here and make your contribution, or leave your comments below:

Food and Drink Review1