Communities across Scotland are joining together together to ‘Unplug and Reconnect’ this Sunday (10 Oct) as part of the Global 350 Movement .

The idea is to get a minimum of 10 people in 10 communities spend 10 hours unplugging and reconnecting. As members of 10 climate active communities, at least ten members of our community will spend 10 hours on 10/10/10 unplugged and reconnecting.

Fife Diet is doing this in collaboration with ten other communities across Scotland. Here are some of the other participating groups: Dunbar, Portobello, Isle of Eigg, Linlithgow, Stirling,
Battlefield(Glasgow)Govan Hill (Glasgow) and Findhorn and Forres.

It’s a really simple idea – just switch off and slow down for a day:

UNPLUGGED from carbon consuming: from screens like this (mobiles, laptops, TVs, DVDs), from cars, from all those activities that appear to connect us with distant others but often cut us off from people in the same house and neighbourhood; and

RECONNECTING with members of our household and community, whether through shared meals, walking and talking, making sand sculptures on the beach or big chalk drawings on the pavement of how we hope our communities will be in 2020.

This ia DIY action (or should that be inaction?). But you can post any fun you get up to after here.

Justin Kenrick from Portobello said: “We’ll be taking this chance to unwind from our unsustainable levels of work trying to build a sustainable Portobello and maybe be chalk drawing our hopes for Porty in 2020 on the Prom.”

This isn’t an anti-technology action, it is about making connections when we are often dislocated, from place, from people and from our own common sense.

  • Sharael Kolberg November 9, 2010 at 17:05

    I wholly support what you are doing! My family and I spend the past year living without any technology …in Silicon Valley. It was so challenging, but so worth it. You can read our story at Glad to see that others are seeing the value in uplugging.
    Sharael Kolberg

  • Susan McNaughton November 9, 2010 at 17:05

    Unplugging was going well as we were having a big family meal with relative we hadn’t seen for ages. We’d stocked up with food from the Farmers’ Market and cooked a big casserole, crumble from apples swapped with a friend and so on. But after the meal my 80-year old relative asked to send a message to her grand niece via Facebook to thank her for the birthday flowers! Older generation – so chatty, so polite. How could I refuse?

  • Luci Ransome November 9, 2010 at 17:04

    please notify me of posts by email, many thanks, Luci

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